Is this an instant coffee ad or one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century?

1955 magazine ad for Nescafé Instant Coffee

I have questions.

Is the red-shirted guy’s wife ten feet tall or is he extremely short?

Why is he making that face?

Is he afraid of getting splashed and burned?

Does the coffee smell funky?

Is he staring directly at his gigantic wife’s boobs?

Is that a genie emanating from the cup?

Will he be granted wishes?

Or it it an albino octopus arm? Cofftopus!

What are those arcane symbols on the coffee cup?

Is he a warlock?

Who is the guy in the background with the grill and boy?

Detail from 1955 magazine ad for Nescafé Instant Coffee


Where can I buy a steak like that?

It’s bigger than his head.

It’s bigger than the boy’s torso!

Is it another boy’s torso?

Where can I buy that grill?

How is he going to flip that huge steak with that grilling fork without bending or breaking the grilling fork?

Doesn’t that boy know that horizontal stripes aren’t slimming?

Why is there a bowl of potato chips on the grill?

Is that a giant pat of butter in the middle of the grill?

Why are half of the hamburgers burned and the other half still frozen?

What is the guy holding in his left hand?

A Budweiser?

A pack of Marlboros?

Lighter fluid?

A can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup?

Why is the guy wearing a woman’s wristwatch?

What’s with those pants?

Is the guy actually ageless ’n’ undead Ted Cruz?

Why are they drinking hot coffee at a barbecue on a hot summer day?


I have questions.
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Ad copy:

Now—Satisfy Your “COFFEE HUNGER” with NESCAFÉ

—tastier coffee made the modern way!

TRY THIS RECIPE . . . get the richest, zestiest coffee that ever added the final touch to a barbecue! In your coffee server, put a teaspoonful of Nescafé (more or less, depending on strength wanted) and a coffee cup of boiling water for each cup of coffee. Cover for a moment to bring out the full coffee goodness of Nescafé . . . then pour . . . and purr!

When you’re hungry for tastier coffee, try Nescafé

Nescafé Instant Coffee

all coffee
nothing but coffee!

1955 The Nestlé Company, Inc.

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