You’ve got style! You’ve got flair! Something phallic for your hair!

1974 magazine ad for Vitalis Dry 3

Vitalis Dry 3 is sold in a can that looks like a robot’s penis, but leaves you softer and not as stiff. I’m getting mixed messages here.

And let’s just take a moment to appreciate their can model’s coiffure. Majestic.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ad copy:

Their hairspray goes on wet.

Every other men’s hairspray we know of goes on wet.

And when it dries, it leaves your hair stiff.

That’s why we created our hairspray.

Vitalis® Dry 3™ goes on almost dry—so dry you can’t see it.

And it leaves your hair softer and more manageable. Not as stiff as an ordinary spray.

Our Vitalis Dry 3. It make their hairspray look all wet.

Vitalis Dry 3 Hair Control

Bristol-Myers Co., 1974.
Unretouched photos taken immediately after spraying.

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