You had me at “Modern Trampoline Construction”

Bicycle Windshield
From a 1961 issue of Unknown Worlds.

I’m guessing the primary purpose of this device was to make it easier for bullies to determine who to kick the crap out of.

The Ad Copy

Bicycle Windshield
only $1.00

Complete With Built-In Pouch Protects You At High Speed
Adds Class…Looks Sharp

Kids, now you can transform your bike into something really special with this transparent Bike Windshield. Just like the ones on motorcycles, this vinyl Windshield will protect you from rocks, debris, wind, etc., when you’re pedalling at great speed. And, it really looks sharp too. Adds that extra something only motorcycles now have.

Contains Heavy, Built-In Pouch

Special, heavy built-in pouch enables you to keep sunglasses, tools, and personal effects within easy reach. Speedometer, flags, and even a portable radio can be attached in a jiffy onto special attachments provided. Really make your bike different from all others. Only $1.00 plus 25¢ shipping charge.

• Modern Trampoline Construction

• Clear Vinyl Liner

• Clamp Fits All Bikes

• Carrying Pouch

10 Day Free Trial

Don’t delay! Order now! Try this sensational new Bicycle Windshield on 10 Day Free Trial. Put it on your bike and see how much fun, how useful, how many favorable comments you get. Then, if you are not 100% delighted with this handsome and convenient addition to your bike, simply return for prompt refund of full purchase price. Only $1.00 plus 25¢ shipping charges complete.

Honor House Prod. Corp.
Dept. FA-48
Lynbrook, New York

Rush my Bicycle Windshield at once. I understand that I may keep it for 10 Day Free Trial, and if I am not 100% delighted, I can return it for prompt refund of full purchase price.

I enclose $1.00 plus 25¢ shipping charges. Same Money Back Guarantee

Send C.O.D., I will pay postman on delivery, plus C.O.D. and shipping charge.

Name __________
Address ___________

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