when your child needs an enema…

Fleet Enema ad found in Today’s Health magazine, April 1956

Ad Copy:

when your child needs an enema…


disposable unit

When youngsters protest loud and long at the very sight of old-fashioned enema apparatus, try the new FLEET ENEMA Disposable Unit.

There’s no solution to prepare… no messy equipment to clean up. Just insert the flexible rectal tube, squeeze the plastic bottle, discard the unit.

The FLEET ENEMA is more effective than one or two pints of tap water or salt solution, less irritating than soap suds enemas. Its gentle, prompt, thorough action makes it ideal for children… adults too. So next time your physician recommends an enema, administer it the quick, easy, effective way with this handy disposable unit.

At your druggist’s… directions on carton.

C. B. Fleet Co., Inc.
Lunchburg • Virginia

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