Perhaps you should start out with some nice card tricks instead.

1964 magazine ad for House of a Thousand Mysteries

Great expressions.

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Ad copy:

Be a Magician!

1000 Magic Tricks You Can Do!

Easier than you think!

Mystify — astonish others. Have fun. Be the life of the party. Make money in spare time too! Rush 10¢ now—today for this $1.00 Giant Deluxe 160-Page Magic and Fun Catalog. Loaded with Magic, Pocket Tricks, Mysteries, Illusions, Secrets, Mindreading, Hypnotism, Party Stunts, Joker’s Novelties, Puzzles, Brainbusters, Books, etc. Low prices. Everything illustrated! Send name, address and only 10¢.

House of a Thousand Mysteries
Dept. OL1-64 • Monroe, Conn.

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