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Piss Poor Marketing, Exhibit #1

Perhaps it is time that we changed the “Always have a consistent brand message.” rule to “Always have a consistent brand message, except when it is stupid.”

Found in a Holiday® gas station, Alexandria, Minnesota.

Another Close Brush with Burma-Shave 2.0

Back in 1925, an advertising phenomenon was born with the Burma-Shave highway sign campaign, eventually rhyming its way across America and up to the number two brand/sales position for brushless shaving cream. Since then, Burma-Shave’s legendary star may have fallen, but the time is right to hit the information highway and resurrect this legendary product and campaign for the short attention spans and precariously erratic grooming habits of the Internet age. Myself included.

So without further ado, here’s 21 brand-spanking-new Burma-Shave rhyming-type poems to get things rolling again in 2010:


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1,000 words.

Clutter Cutter

“What do you do for a living?”

“I work for a integrated marketing communications company.”

“What the hell is that?”

“An ad agency.”


Slogans schmogans – a Clayton Hove column

(a little something for small businesses, and also not-so-small businesses)

Much like college students and tattoos, there comes a time in many a young business’ life when it decides that it needs a slogan. Not wants, mind you—needs!

And just like the aforementioned college-era tattoos, some slogans turn out to be quite fetching, some turn out to be just fair to middlin’, and some turn out to be abominations that inspire facial reactions usually only reserved for the sight of messy diapers and roadkill.

The good ones are also the rarest.
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Personal branding – a Clayton Hove column

Nothing deters a cattle rustler quite like a well-branded herd, and with today’s technological advances in freeze and electrical branding, along with traditional fire branding, your ranch can sleep easy knowing that your livestock investment is safe and…

Ah. I’ve just been informed that this column was to be about the other type of personal branding. Sorry about that. I’ll try again.
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