The way advertising creatives personalize their workspaces is quite telling of their character and style. Some are tastefully appointed. Others follow the Minimum Cage look - all the easier to toss into a Bankers Box when they're eventually sacked. Some go industrial. Others go kitsch. Some go warm and fuzzy. Others go NRA. Some go upscale. Others go down and dirty. One thing's for certain though - they're the boneyards of the creative, a decidedly different breed of office mammals.

Creatives - send in your own personal boneyard, home or office, for all to see. Email me between 1-6 jpegs (7 inches wide at 72dpi) of your work area (with at least one giving a mostly complete picture, and the others giving good detail of your favorite item(s)) and include text kinda sorta following the format and gamut of the following pages. When goes live later this year, your contribution just may be there to impress and/or confuse the world. - Clay2