Boneyard: Amanda "Guck" DeHaan, Copywriter
Ad-Lib Creative, San Francisco, CA

This is my cubicle at lovely Ad-Lib Creative in San Francisco, California, USA. I am in the basement. (I, coincidentally, am Amanda C. DeHaan, copywriter and professional smart-ass.)

This is my desk. Notice the printer's make-readies as wallpaper and the exploding dart board. Everything is black here. Black chairs. Black carpet. My black subwoofer. Coupled with low light, drop something and you're totally screwed.

These are my friends. I bought them. Bender from Futurama. The Simpsons Family as Pez. Gumby. Lenore the cute little dead girl doll, complete with tinsel halo. And a drawing from my dad as a backdrop to the whole mess.

What desk is complete without a lava light? An empty mug of tea, an empty lemonade glass, an empty root beer can are all a result of after-lunch messiness. The Orange Crush bottle, I just can't throw out. It's too cool.

Notice my lovely window office? Who needs sketch pads when you have the joy of rough, unfinished concrete and chalk?

That's Scooby and Shaggy drowning in that fish tank. And yes, there is an airplane propeller next to my desk. It just showed up there one day, and I never bothered to ask where it came from.