Boneyard: Alec Long, ACD/Copywriter
Freelance, Philadelphia, PA, USA

The new command post, all geeked out. Flat panel iMac, red Swingline, vinyl CD-Rs (not shown), Netgear N64 Router.

And as of February 2, 2004, absolutely zero* in billables. Here's to chucking a steady day job for the breathe-easy** life of a freelance writer.

*As of this writing. **Not as of this writing.

Basses, baseball cards, Escher and other treasures vie for space and utensil in my escapist corner.

Ya got'cher Stephen King Limited Edition Creepshow comic, ya got'cher Muppet Muscians of Bremen on vinyl. And waaay off in the distance, the family photo above the keyboard. My other escapist corner. I can play the intro to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

I won't sing it. Ever.

Cozy little nook, isn't it? How soon until those vaulted ceilings begin their pressing in, seeking to juice me where I sit?