Boneyard: Anders T. Carlson, Student Art Director,
Creative Circus Atlanta, GA.

Desk Overview:  This is the desk I share with my girlfriend, her stuff being
on the left.  Wow.  It looks really ghetto in this pic.  I guess the only
thing of value is my sexy new printer.  If I ever get a real job, I promise
my cubicle won't be nearly this messy.

Desk Top:  Oh man, uh, lessee.  Cigarettes, empty cigarette pack, and more
cigarettes.  Broken sunglasses, broken ring, umm...  memory stick and
month-old copy changes.  Coffee in John Deere mug, left.  Not pictured:  4
cans of Schlitz tallboys, consumed around 2AM.

Messy Cords:  Man, how do you guys get all your wires and cords to just
disappear into that little hole in the back of your desk?  Empty pack of
French (Freedom?) cigarettes from some weeks back.

"Enemies":  Ah, my beloved Green Bay Packers.  Owned by the People, and
marketed by dozens of multi-million dollar conglomerates.  Truly, a
Socialist Paradise.  Packer X-mas ornament.  Self conscious exercise in
Client/Creative relations.  I don't know who those people are, tho.

Go Fightin' Whites!:  In any debate, turnabout is fair play.  Newspaper
clipping of hilariously inventive Native American H.S. student, giving his
own spin to the Indian Mascot debate.  Spam, and You.  Ticket stub from a
Nick Cave concert.

That's about it.  Hope you find them amusing.  Maybe they're a sort of
counterpoint to the other submissions.  It was a fun day-project.