Boneyard: Office of Åsk Wäppling/Dabitch,
Art Director, Hostess, Cupcake,
Ad-Rag, Copenhagen, globetrotter.

Action shot of desk - my HIP97 [hacking in progress] card, my pens, my bonedaddy.

the entire room-ish, showing my desk and my massive shelf of books behind me, containing among other things: black binders with bills, O'reilley's handbooks for mysql, apache, Perl. Linux, running Linux and the Linux command reference book. CA annuals, brown folders full of Lürzers archive by year, Epica award book, ADCN award books, Eurobest award books and other assorted award books. I have everything from "Ghost in the shell" DVD's to "The Lucifer Principle" and "Viking Scotland" and "Guns germs and steel" books in that shelf, and the playboy book too of course. 
Top hat on is on top of the shelf. The three pics on the wall are from a Cannes Party I arranged during the Cannes adfest.. It's also the spot where i hang my various project papers and post-it notes.
desk1.jpg my desk - vespa sign glued to screen, dad on screen, targeted b/w envelopes are hand painted Japanese buinesscard envelopes that I send my cards out in, tobacco, boneman, java.... Everything a geeky girl needs really. My desktop image is a photo of my Dad.
messiest desk - well it *is*--- flaunting my tobacco addiction, my little blue hip-97 volunteer badge, my vespa sign glued onto screen, my Bonedaddy, you can read my Emigre mouse mat stating "design is a good idea," and the blue and gold thingie is my "aswan governrate" velvet badge sign - whatever the hell that means.
To the right of the door is the stereotable. Music is very very very very very important in this office. Hence my yellow Rega turntable is here, nestled next to the Smokey Sam class B explosives (it's been used so it's no longer live) that I picked up in the desert area 51. The yellow shelf is a hip designer thing that I spray painted to match the turntable, rather than the other way around. Turntables are important. ;)