Boneyard: Work area of Jason Sturgill, Interactive
God of Content, Design and Sacrificial Virgins
Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Oregon USA

 you work in advertising don't you? 8^)

 the wide shot, i should have taken a picture of the view except it's pretty overcast today.
nice view of the city though. i have a pretty big space compared to most, luck of the draw really.

 the beanbag conference area equipped with saarinen end table.
mandatory razor scooter for those who are too lazy to walk to another quad.

 the fred head. i used to keep candy in there but i haven't refilled it for awhile.
vintage ok soda bottle in remembrance of the brilliant campaign we once had.
champagne of beers hat for those bed head days on top of the bowling pin from the high life spot.
moldy peaches sticker, unstuck.

 jason lee skateboard deck for carpet tricks. booska toy from japan.
tofu bro from japan. and rockets from my girlfriend's work, they rock.