Boneyard: Work area of Clayton T. Claymore, Creative Director
Kranzler Kingsley AMP, Bismarck, North Dakota USA

Starting point: Company-supplied neutral grey Steelcase desk and two drawer cabby.
Theme: Anything to combat the neutral grey Steelcase desk and two drawer cabby.

Items on the Wall: railroad tracks metaphor print, autographed publicity 8x10 of Howard Hesseman (Dr. Johnny Fever) from the original WKRP in Cincinnati, twin game piece from McDonalds Who Wants To Be a Millionaire game that spelled out "F-U" when opened, Play With Your Food calendar and an Annie Leibovitz photograph of Steve Martin.
Desk, Front Left Items: Box of jingly Chinese balls, talking puppet, emergency vodka encased in polysomething, yellow barrel o' monkeys, yellow foam armchair with a yellow slinky sitting on it, talking Tick action figure wearing a pair of mini Fruit of the Looms from a Rolling Stone ad several years back and semi-russian fur hat, glass rock, fool's gold, horsey, sea turtle, snappy turtle, platypus finger puppet and a little John Belushi.
Desk, Front and Center Items: Morality Monkeys - Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. Have no fun.
Desk, Front Right Items: Glass rock, sarcasm ball, nosey glasses holder, The Shoveler (Patron Saint of Advertising), jar o' superballs, Bone Daddy, candle, oriental palace guardians guarding a turkorilla and a 10¢ business card holder.
Back Wall Items: Thermos, some 3/4" tapes, Workbooks, bottle o' Grateful Dead wine, Apple Cube Kleenex box, hologram of a mouse, wind-up critters, Strange Brew TV set and crowning the mess... Bumble the Abominable Snowman.