Boneyard: Henrik Engström, Copywriter / Tekstforfatter
Saatchi & Saachi, Copenhagen, Denmark

What a clean office! On the table reside no less than two Powerbooks.
The one currently on, browsing the boneyard as you can see, is mine.
And the closed one behind the Ramlösa bottle belongs to our friend
Jerker who's visiting over the day. Otherwise it's fearfully
uninteresting. A pair of headphones for moments of showing
consideration, ball point pen to use while looking like I'm thinking.
Standard stuff. This kind of tidy desk really deserves to hear the joke
"If a messy desk is the sign of a messy mind, what's an empty..." This
is a creative department goddammit! I should be ashamed of myself.

Panning a little to the right, we find "the corner". Backpack,
dicitionaries, beach chair, a few award diplomas modestly positioned so
everyone can spot them, and an espresso cup to top it all off. Just
your everyday essentials.

And right behind me, resides four bottles of organic beer (a Christmas
gift still waiting to be appreciated) and a tube of hand creme. Also,
in the background you can see a pair of shiny, orange tea cups that
deserve a much more prominent position in the office. All in all, I
don't love it. And it ain't mine. But it's where I dwell these days.