Outsmarted by Smart Car

(Some brands play better in the social media playground than others, part 2)

There I was on Twitter, not minding my own business, when along came a response to one of my tweets that not only made my day, but made me rethink my perception of the Smart brand. Plus, they threw in a handy infographic for free. INFOGRAPHANTASTIC!

Great job with your social media, Smart USA. I don’t mind being outsmarted by the likes of you.

Now if you’ll just FedEx me one of your fine automobiles, I’ll love you forever.

Best. Social media response. Ever.

22 thoughts on “Outsmarted by Smart Car

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  2. Matthew Young

    Except that only takes in to account the durability of the frame surrounding the driver. If the front end of a car is completely demolished, it’s still totalled.

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  5. Nick Cincinat

    Still gets abysmal mpg on REQUIRED PREMIUM GAS?!?! It should be 50 mpg or better highway for the weight of the car and requiring premium gas.

  6. Blackbelt

    Nick Cincinat, my smart easily gets well over 50 MPG on the highway, and 45 in mixed driving. As to the premium gas, that costs me an extra $1.75 per tank. BFD.

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  9. Nick Simard

    i’m not surprised with the response of the tweet you got but the Math. 4.5M will birds crap can take down a smart car, guess how many it would take to turn down a ford truck.

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