Just Before Taps

The tent in the postcard photo might be a WWI-era American Expeditionary Force Pyramidal Tent, if you happen to be interested.

(Postmarked Chicago August 14, 1921 at 7pm)

Dear David,

Last night we passed a car full of hogs which squealed & smelt fearfully. One lady pretended she didn’t smell them, but Pa kept looking at her, & she had to grin.

Love, Boogy

(Postcard Photo Description on Back)

War is not all fighting, but it probably is not often that these boys get a chance to lie around really enjoying life as they are here. And it’s probably a good thing for them that they don’t, for minds will turn to “the girl I left behind me,” and there are expressions in the faces of even this merry crew to lead one to believe that their thoughts are far away from the gleam of the campfire and the acrid scent of burning gunpowder. The wash drying on the line in the background lends a tough of domesticity to an otherwise martial scene.

No. 23
Published by American Colortype Co., Chicago
Underwood & Underood

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