Unboxing a perk from Klout and Bravo’s Top Chef

Although I’m still a bit hurt and whiney from this week’s new Klout algorithm plummeting my Klout score to unfathomable depths that will surely give me the bends, I did receive a package from them that made things a skosh better.

Apparently, I yap enough about my gastronomic adventures to qualify as a foodie, so this week a package arrived in my Bismarck, North Dakota mailbox from Bravo’s Top Chef via Klout. Big props to the folks that made the creative packaging decisions, because they made the unboxing procedure extra spiffy.

Here, I’ll share the experience with you.

What a lovely red box, alerting my neighbors that I’m ordering body parts through the mail.

It’s a bomb! We’re all dead!

I feel so violated.

Hell yeah! A Top Chef cookbook, a pair of Top Chef tongs (or it is just a tong?), a free 2-week trial at Top Chef University, a coup’n for a free Healthy Choice frozen thingy (potstickers!), a note from Klout telling me I’m influential and devastatingly handsome, and a reminder to watch Top Chef Wednesday nights on Bravo starting November 2.

I’m a shameless whore.

Spiffy freebies in a nifty box — Yay! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read about “Eggs Six Ways”. Sounds sexy.

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