12 Important Subdemographics for Millennials

You hear a lot of talk about the Millennial Generation (“Generation Y” to those who don’t know how to spell “Millennials”) these days, and a lot of it is damned confusing. Well, to make matters even more confusing, did you know that there are thousands of subdemographic categories for these precious little snowflakes? Here are twelve of them:

Brazillennials — Millennials who like it smooth down there.

Downhillennials — Millennials who peaked too early.

Nihillennials — Millennials who believe in nothing.

Spillennials — Clumsy Millennials.

Chillennials — Millennials who don’t handle winter very well.

Grillennials — Millennials working in back at McDonald’s.

Illennials — Unvaccinated Millennials.

Krillennials — Millennials who work at Red Lobster.

Pillennials — Millennials with multiple drug prescriptions.

Swillennials — Millennials drinking cheap beer.

Thrillennials — Millennials bungee-jumping off a bridge.

Billennials — Millennials in debt.

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