To Dream the Tangible Dream

It’s possible that dreams where you can taste, smell or feel things are quite common, but I don’t seem to remember many of them. Last night, however, I had two of the “tangible” type.

Dream 1 details are sketchy up to the point where I was riding in an convertible with a half windshield and a big black fuzzy flying ball bee landed on the top part of the glass. A gal next to me, perhaps the driver, said something like “Ugh, I hate those mean guys.”

Next thing I know, the big black fuzzy flying ball bee lets go of the glass and lands on the left side of my neck (That’s the part that I felt. Thanks, dream!) and I wake up trying to frantically brush the big black fuzzy flying ball bee off my neck. It does not exist.

Dream 2 had me back working at Kinko’s Copies (now FedEx Office), but it was also a working restaurant kitchen. Things were busy, confusing and chaotic. Paper was getting greasy, smoke everywhere, too many people and noise noise noise.

In the midst of all this, I felt one of my teeth was loose. The bicuspid behind my upper left canine. I reach into my mouth and it’s hanging down more than it should. I try to push it back up where it’s supposed to be and it stays there a bit but then lets loose again.

I fidget with it some more and realize that the tooth has split in two. Since it feels like it is barely hanging on, I decide to remove it so I can get back to work. I grab it gently and start pulling it out. It’s coming out easily enough, but it’s much longer than I expected.

It is while I am pulling out this impossibly long split tooth, and feeling it coming out, that I wake up.

Happy Friday!

PS: I should also mention that the big black fuzzy flying ball bee mini-roared as it flew from the windshield to my neck, in full stereo doppler Dolby cinema sound. So there’s that too.

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