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Shows that CBS has in development to replace Numbers, a drama that uses the power of math to solve crime:


A grade school teacher uses basic reading and ‘riting skills to solve playground crime.


A gastroenterologist uses her knowledge of the alimentary canal to solve crime.


A Canadian chef uses the power of light and creamy desserts to solve crime.


An immigrant with an exceptional knowledge of the Constitution uses the power of citizenship to solve crime.


A underdeveloped canine uses puppy power to solve crime.


A former professional hockey player uses his skating skills and love of pastries to fight and solve crime.


A disgraced dry cleaner uses his knowledge of steam and stains to solve crime.


A librarian nearing retirement uses the power of the Dewey Decimal System to find lost and missing books, people, and perhaps even love.

Laid Out

An advertising agency art director uses the powers of Adobe software, balance, black clothes and belligerence to solve design crime.