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Golden Monopoly tokens, old and new, including the iron’s last hurrah.

Monopoly token preference, a close cousin of brand loyalty, is a strong force with most players of the game. Some won’t even play unless they get to play their favorite token, but that’s lucky for the rest of us because these people are usually miserable to play with anyway. But now, if you were an iron, you’re screwed if you play any of the games made from this point on. This Monopoly version with golden tokens, supposedly only available at Target stores while supplies last, is your last chance to be wrinkle free. It also includes the losing tokens in the Hasbro pick-the-new-token contest as well as the winner and iron replacement, the kitty cat.

Token killed: Iron.

Replaced by: Kitty cat.

New tokens that didn’t survive the new token contest to become new tokens: Guitar, robot, diamond ring and helicopter.

Token survivors of old: Scottie dog (now probably barking considerably more), battleship, race car, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat and thimble.

Lastly, since social media gurus (ninjas, samurais, experts, eggplants, etc.) insist that you’re always supposed to ask a stupid question to trigger engagement…

Which token do you play and why?