OMG! Run for your lives!

Rumor has it that this Taco Bell point-o-purchase display was copied almost exactly from a Heaven’s Gate recruitment poster. Sadly, extensive quick-service restaurant (QSR) research has shown that if you were greeted at the front counter with this level of manic enthusiasm, you’d most likely soil yourself, do a 180° and flee.

5 thoughts on “OMG! Run for your lives!

  1. pyn chawn

    The guy at the top, that’s me. This picture was taken in Roswell, GA at the Toxic Hell me and my future wife worked at (she’s all the way to the left). Just after she had our kids (six), we call them “pesos,” they were all rushed to the TB Headquarters in Strongsville, OH. We haven’t seen them since but in commercials.

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