Left-Handed Anthropomorphism Returns To Commercials

This morning, I noticed that the new little animated wheat-nugget-pillow feller for Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites was a southpaw, which made me surprisingly happy, for I haven’t noticed much left-handedness in commercials lately. Thank you, Leo Burnett!

Have the focus groups and approval committees stifled use of the sinister side in advertising because it only represents 10% of the population and they don’t want to offend the majority? Or does left-handedness show up more often than I think, but I just haven’t noticed it?

Does anybody else out there know of examples where lefties made it into a produced and aired commercial?

6 thoughts on “Left-Handed Anthropomorphism Returns To Commercials

  1. Jessica

    I actually noticed that too, and probably got as excited as you did. Haha. In my daily life I’m always looking out for lefties–probably because then I feel some sort of connection or something. Can’t think of any other lefty ads off hand, (especially since I’ve been watching TV online more lately…) but I’ll be more on the lookout now!

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  3. Elaine

    Um not to bust anyone’s bubble, but he’s most likely left handed because of the direction he’s facing. They wanted you to see what he was doing. It’s very likely they didn’t even relies that they made him left handed. ><

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