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“The guys in R&D said we could try it out at home for a few days.”

Trojan’s brand extension into the mainstream consumer adult sex toy market was not without a failure or two.

Well, at least Sally in Marketing talked them out of naming it “Prom Night Dora”.

Kids are growing up so fast these days.

Tricks and Tips of the Advertising Trade #52,965

When casting hand models for your commercials, sometimes it’s a good policy to find out if they’re colorblind.

Lessons Learned From Commercials, part 3,804

Never shake hands with a Genitalien.


If you’re hiking in the mountains of Italy with your buddies and you start to hear dueling hurdy gurdies in the distance, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

Noir (What Is It Good For?)

Standing on the edge of the cliff with the cold glow of the cruel city spreading out before him, he thought of the harsh events from earlier that night. The call. The panicked voice. The scream. The shot. The dial tone. The race down the steps to the car. The mad dash to her house. The door off its hinges. The body. Not hers. Thank God. The note. The taunt. The rage-filled cry. The thirst. The liter-sized Diet Mountain Dew in the fridge. The search. And now, this. It felt good to finally be able to pee, standing on the edge of the cliff with the cold glow of the cruel city spreading out before him.

The downside to hybrid professions.

“I’m flattered, you two. Really I am. But speaking as both your astrologer and marriage counselor, I really don’t see a threesome in our future.”

No, no, no! We’re supposed to be singing, “I’m your VE-nus!”

When producing a commercial, be careful how the words are wiped onto the screen.


“Sí, Armando. It is true that a great number of our people are highly educated and excellent writers and communicators, but then somebody throws in an unnecessary apostrophe and ruins everything. ¡uf!”

A Very Special And Belated Message From The Bankers’ Pen

Seussian Edition

We’re financial bigwigs — your lender and banker.
The smarties who took the economy and tank’d her.
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