Whoa. It looks just like my iPhone!

So close.

Antic – The Atari Resource – August 1985

Antic magazine was probably my third subscription, after Ranger Rick and Boys’ Life. I made a bad decision in Atari computers, ending up with a 1200XL. It was Atari’s Edsel, but I’m pretty sure I picked it up at Sears with a heck of a discount after it crashed and burned in the market.

Antic magazine had a whole section of programs that you had to type character by character into the computer, and if you screwed anything up, you had to go back and check your work character by character. (It built character.) I think my biggest accomplishment was successfully entering the program that printed out ASCII-esque art of the Playboy Bunny logo, which I put over the cover of my Boy Scout Handbook.

I had no idea what W.U.N. was, but after some digging around, it turned out to be the Worldwide Users Network (WUN) for Atari folks on CompuServe back in the day.

I also had no idea what “THON” meant up by the phone’s antenna, and didn’t have much luck online. Maybe the artist misspelled TRON? But then, upon closer examination, I thought perhaps it actually said THDN, and that got me an answer but more questions… 

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise? That’s an audio/radio thing, but I’m not quite sure of the need to print it by the antenna. To confuse me, obviously. Maybe somebody just thought it looked cool. If you know, lemme know!

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