“But wait! That’s not all.”

The Floating-Dancing Handkerchief

The Floating-Dancing Handkerchief

Hanky floats, jumps, dances as tho’ alive!!!

A beautiful trick! Easy to do! Baffling! Mysterious! Astonishing!

Here’s a magic effect that’s truly a miracle. You hold hankie up by corner, fondle it, talk to it and then command it do dance as you shake it a bit near the floor. Suddenly it floats up, jumps and starts to dance like mad. You can make it waltz, fox trot, rumba and even rock n’ roll. Amusing, amazing, unbelievable! But wait! That’s not all. While it is dancing you can even walk away from it, even down into audience, and it will continue to dance as if bewitched. Best of all it will dance according to the commands you give it. Especially entertaining when set to music. A big surprise. Very uncanny!

Dancing Hanky $1.00
Obeys your commands!

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