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“In the future, everyone will be hydrated for 15 minutes.”

In 1983, Andy Warhol created over 40 screen prints featuring Perrier bottles.

In 2013, Perrier created 4 Perrier bottle labels as a tribute to Andy Warhol.

In 2015, Clayton Hove found them on a dusty K-Mart shelf in Bismarck, North Dakota, and bought them because he thought they were kinda neat.

Puma, I thought I knew ya.

This is thinking outside the box in the truest sense! Big props to the creative and practical minds behind Puma’s Clever Little Bag, using 65% less paper than regular shoeboxes. Plus, a reusable bag. Clever indeed.

My 1999 prediction for the first Apple wearable — Qwerto!

Note: Back in the 90s, I did a few slogan and jingle contests on my agency’s website and also created the scenarios for each season. What you will find below was one of them. (I hope to have the rest of them preserved here in the near future.)

The PAW! World’s Worst Slogan Game Scenario Number Seven: Project Qwerto

It’s been another run-of-the-mill Monday morning at the ol’ advertising agency. You promptly showed up for work three hours late and have settled into the daily grind of creating marvelous, cutting-edge ads for your admiring roster of global clients. And a small black and white print advertisement for the local babushka factory.

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A Throwback Thursday Special Edition from my alter-ego days: Fervor Sauce!

Look, Ma! I made the cover!

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I will buy wine based on label design.

This beautifully-realized two-piece wine bottle label is for Carnivor Wines’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (Modesto, California).

I can’t wait to taste what’s inside.

Well done, meat-eaters. Well done.

At first glance, do you see tomatoes or the chubby, upturned hands of an evil clown about to kill you?

Sweet dreams, my friends.

Are they made from real orangutans?

“This ape is great!”

Truth in Packaging: Goo-Goo Cluster Edition



Still ate it, though.

Why cattle shouldn’t smoke.

Look out, cool and rebellious cow!

Top 8 Ham Cereals

Sugar Snouts

Shredded Oink

Kellogg’s Special P

Piggy Pebbles

Honey Bunches of Ham



Cinnamon Pork Crunch